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Your brand story rules

Every brand has its own story to tell, that’s what makes them liked, loved and adored. Your tale can be told through a social media adventure of mythical proportions, or a subtle identity adjustment. As long it’s your story. We’ll reveal what, how and why your brand is a true legend. Together we design your Brand. Dare to be a bandit.


Brand Bandit is a small Dutch creative collective, that loves to develop smart brands with clever campaigns, supported by a rock solid brand identity. For brands with a personality that dare to show some character. We believe in a strategic approach by behavioural change. We trigger, seduce, and motivate your story as long as it takes. And of course we finish off with a big splash of bad ass Dutch design. Jazeker, want we spreken ook gewoon Nederlands.

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We’re an organic grown band of dedicated entrepreneurs, each with different fields of expertise. Experienced storytellers in art, design, copy, photo and video to all kind of digital and strategic know-it-alls. All people who step up to the plate when necessary, and keep the bigger picture in mind. This way we are agile and highly effective. We don’t beat around the bush, we are Brand Bandit.

For any questions, quotes, or quality time. Call or mail our Chief Bandit, Jos Schoonis.

Jos Schoonis
+31(0)6 30 81 01 42

Batjanstraat 11
1094 RC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Faas Wilkesstraat 99D
1095 MD Amsterdam
The Netherlands